How the PHIP Program Works

Learning is not new information; it is ‘new action.’ One knows they have ‘learned’ something when one can produce a desired result.

Everyone lives in patterns that happen over and over again. On one hand, we cannot exist without these habits of living. On the other hand, some of our habits lead to upset and discomfort which affects our bodies. Our personal history, experiences, and responses shape our lives and color our perspectives and value systems.

The PHIP learning experience is designed to help participants to become better observers of their habits, to be aware of their habits and responses at the time they are happening – when they can do something different – and to respond with the ‘new actions’ that produce more healthy and positive results. The PHIP program will help participants to design new behaviors. The new or different behaviors or responses – if successfully practiced – can become new habits; habits that are effective and produce satisfaction instead of one those that produce and are associated with suffering.

How the PHIP Program Works

  • Six Weekly Classes – 1 day a week
  • One-to-One Connection with other people dealing with similar issues
  • Interactive lectures, discussions and small group exercises
  • Daily Awareness Exercises – that help develop skills for self observation
  • Daily Journal – of one’s moods and experiences that relate to participation in PHIP
  • Reading and home learning
  • Study partner exercises – to provide a different set of eyes and ears on the issues that the participant is struggling with
  • Builds satisfaction through a system that increases participants’ awareness of times in which the body is ‘triggered’ in response to recurring events beyond their control
  • Helps participants recognize the behaviors that they fall into when the body is ‘triggered’
  • Builds a new orientation towards ‘trigger’ events that permits positive change

Advantages of using the PHIP Telephonic Support Program

  • Moving at your own pace
  • Receiving help over the phone in weekly classes
  • Have freedom to share personal things
  • Able to ask questions with fewer distractions
  • Allowing yourself time to reflect and absorb what you are learning about yourself
  • Learning from home eliminates the obstacles of not following through and reaching your goals
  • Childcare is no longer an issue
  • Lifestyle and physical ability
  • Group interaction of the telephone

What is required of each participant

  •      Regular on time attendance at weekly classes
  •      Active class participation
  •      Completion of home assignments
  •      Work with a study partner each week
  •      Maintain confidentiality about other participants
  •      Openness to learning

Topics Covered in PHIP

  • Noticing your reactions and habits and how they change your body
  • Learning and practicing a meditation for staying in the present instead of worrying about the past or future
  • learning to manage your responsibilities and get more of what you want by making effective requests and handling your promises
  • Recognizing the unique way you look at life and the consequences of your point of view
  • Dealing with opinions – including your own negative opinions of yourself and others – and your fears   of what others think of you
  • Learning to shift out of negative mood states
  • Practicing the skills of forgiveness and learning to assess when to trust
  • Learning ways to relax, find humor in things, and experience joy


  • Published studies have demonstrated the following results for participants who completed PHIP:
  • Improvements in both psychological and physical distress
  • Changes in perceived health status
  • Patient satisfaction

Based on the experiences of and results demonstrated by many PHIP participants: 

  • You will begin to observe your destructive reactions/responses to situations and events including the meanings you attach to them
  • You will observe destructive behaviors and mood states – in real time – when you act differently
  • You will develop increased self awareness
  • You will question whether your behavior serves your goals
  • You will learn how to stop your automatic behavior
  • You will develop new actions that provide the potential for satisfaction and decreased suffering

How do I enroll in PHIP?

To enroll in PHIP or obtain further information about the program please call 1-888-794-7447 (Or) you may click here and someone will contact you.